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GEO Saison magazine

In the GEO Saison magazine Spring 2023, a 14-page story was published about me and my hometown. The images accompanying the story were provided by me. The feature highlights the beauty and attractions of Kaunertal, providing readers with various tips and recommendations for enjoying a memorable vacation in this picturesque location. To come from a place that others visit for their holidays is truly special.

I’m incredibly proud to have been featured in the latest issue of one of Germany’s largest magazines – it’s like a small dream come true.


„Allerhand Magazine“ is a regional publication based in Vorarlberg, Austria, with a quarterly release schedule. Since the beginning of 2023, I have had the privilege of serving as the Chief Graphic Designer, overseeing the entire layout process in close collaboration with our local team. In addition to my design responsibilities, I also contribute photography to the magazine, capturing images that complement our stories.

In my role as Chief Graphic Designer, I work diligently to ensure that each issue of „Allerhand Magazine“ is a visual masterpiece. Collaborating with our talented team, I strive to craft layouts that not only showcase the captivating content but also reflect the unique character and charm of Vorarlberg. This involves careful consideration of typography, color schemes, and overall design aesthetics, all aimed at creating a seamless and visually captivating reading experience.