Visualization of complex ideas

Collaboration with people

Creative work

The implementation and completion of graphic projects (photo, film) include these three points. And in these works I discovered my freedom, joy and passion.

– The freedom to realize and complete projects of my choice, worldwide
– The joy of helping people to develop and visualize their ideas
– The passion to live from my creativity and experience and to present great results

You will receive all the necessary information and preparation tips from me for the shooting date.
Depending on the agreement and the project, we plan together and organize the necessary things. The photography and film work is often only a small part of my work. The consultation, concept planning, and preparation take up a large part.

However, before we can speak of a successful project.
There is another important step that is often forgotten and underestimated.

I develop creative concepts in close cooperation with my clients.
Advice on possibilities, effects, costs and feasibility is included.

In a conversation, open questions are clarified and first steps are taken.
There are no limits to the creative process. No path is too far, no place too ugly. Every idea is worth thinking about. I am sure we will find a visualisation for your thoughts.

The postproduction:

here I could talk for a long time about experience and possibilities. At the end of the day, the processing of the images is very individual. Everything is possible, but where do we want to go?

Ideally, all open questions are clarified at this point and we have the goal in mind. If despite thorough planning, serious changes have to be made, I am a professional in my field. We will achieve our planned and desired result in a very pleasant approach